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Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU is a small residential dwelling that can be built on the property of an existing single-family home. This allows the person who built the unit to earn extra income from renting it out as an Airbnb listing, or as a secondary rental unit. The new breed of small dwellings creates a more affordable housing option for entry-level homeownership and helps preserve neighborhoods by filling up gaps between larger homes. As the premier ADU Builder in Orange County and surrounding counties, we are here to help!

Though ADU’s have been happening for a while, the Village-style housing trend is accelerating them by making neighborhoods through streets more cohesive. This housing style involves small homes or cottages fronting a common street and surrounded by private yards, which often allows homeowners to add an ADU on the other side of their house without compromising their own privacy.

ADU’s are also popular because they help homeowners get into the housing market or expand their current housing options, especially in neighborhoods that don’t allow for townhomes or subdivisions because of density restrictions.

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What Places Have Implemented ADU’s With An ADU Builder?

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Many cities throughout the United States have already implemented ADU’s, including Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Cities with restrictions on housing size have been the biggest advocates of ADUs because they allow for affordable housing options within their respective cities without majorly disrupting current neighborhoods.

Many homeowners like creating an ADU as a way to increase their own rent or to add an income-producing property to their portfolio. For example, in 2016 one ADU owner in Seattle was earning an extra $42,000 a year from her ADU.

In many large cities with high housing costs, building ADU’s is a popular idea because they can help provide more affordable housing options. They’re also popular with homebuyers because they’re less expensive than purchasing a new main house, and these properties are often located in established neighborhoods which means buyers don’t have to deal with long commutes or moving into transitional neighborhoods.

ADU Builder – Accessory Dwelling Unit

What Challenges Exist For ADU’s, But Why Should You Still Build An ADU?

Some of the biggest challenges to ADU’s are how they’re managed on a citywide basis. This includes everything from whether they’re taxed and regulated in the same way as main houses, and whether cities can require homeowners to pay for extra utility connections that go toward their property. The biggest challenge for ADU’s is that homeowners need to be zoned properly, which can take years. Many cities don’t allow for ADU’s because of previous zoning restrictions. Homeowners also have to deal with complex building requirements, including parking and added expenses.

One of the major reasons that many people are switching to an ADU is that it’s much cheaper than buying a new single-family home. For example, it may be out of reach to purchase a new single-family home in some neighborhoods because they’re expensive. Building an ADU can help you afford one because it allows you to make extra income off your property.

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What Are The Benefits To ADU’s and ADU Builder?

They can provide affordable housing options, help preserve neighborhoods by filling gaps between larger homes, they’re less expensive than purchasing a new main house and they’re usually located in established neighborhoods which means buyers don’t have to deal with long commutes.

ADU’s can help people enter the housing market or expand their current housing options, like in neighborhoods that don’t allow for townhomes or subdivisions because of density restrictions. ADU’s also allows homeowners to earn extra income from renting them out as an Airbnb listing or secondary rental unit. And ADU owners in Seattle were earning an extra $42,000 a year from their ADU.

Among the benefits of ADUs, you’ll find:

Flexible Living Space

An ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, is a tiny dwelling that can be added to an existing home. You get the flexibility to use the space you need by adding an ADU to your property. Building an ADU allows for more manageable living space while still allowing people to stay in their neighborhoods for empty nesters who no longer require a sprawling space. Homeowners get the opportunity to make a little extra money by renting out their ADU, and renters get more flexible housing options in an ever-tightening market.

ADUs can be used as separate living spaces for adult children or aging parents, rental income to help pay the mortgage, guests rooms when your home is full of family for the holidays, a home office that doubles as a guest bedroom during tax season, or an Airbnb if you want to be hoteliers part-time.

Environmental Impact

Because of their small size, ADUs drain significantly less electricity than larger residences. They’re also frequently built in areas that are easy to stroll or cycle to, further minimizing the environmental impact of places where driving is necessary to get around.

If you build a micro-unit to operate as a home yoga studio or office area, your carbon footprint will be smaller. You may travel between your living space and where you spend the most time without consuming significant energy or resources.

Improved Infrastructure

A single-family house, for example, maybe divided into two separate dwellings. DUAL is the best option to renovate your property if you want to get the most out of it and make it worth more money in the future. Some homeowners like this solution because they are unable to obtain a mortgage or cannot qualify to owe to their age or income levels.

ADUs can also be built on land that is not large enough for a typical single-family home, making the most of homes in urban areas with limited parking and tiny lots. They can serve as pool houses or guest cottages if your house is full of the overnight company during holidays or vacations.


ADUs are often much cheaper to build than a new single-family home. This is great for homeowners looking to downsize who can’t afford a whole new house but still need extra space and the option to rent out their additional unit for income. For renters, ADUs provide affordable living options that aren’t run like a hotel.


A garage does not have to be a garage. It is possible for it to become an additional space that you can use, whether as a game room or even as a bedroom in many circumstances. A detached accessorized daybed serves the same purpose as any sofa-bed with storage – providing an extra sleeping area and comfortable living space when desired. Although they’re small, they can also be fully furnished and decorated with all the comforts of home.

Communal Living

Nowadays, multigenerational living is quite common. In 2016, 20% of Americans lived in a multigenerational household. Even if you have an exceptional connection with your children, grandchildren, or parents, you may not want to live right on top of each other all the time. It’s wonderful to be close to those you care about, but sometimes separation is necessary to maintain healthy boundaries.

ADUs are an excellent way to create that balance. You can live in your home with your family or friends while having the option to use the extra space when it’s more convenient for everyone involved.

Grandparents can observe their grandchildren develop while being close by for babysitting when needed, and young adult children may live in a secure location as they establish themselves. This benefit alone, in a state where approximately 37% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 live with their parents, might be enough to persuade you!

ADU living isn’t only about families, though. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the option of selecting your neighbors? Many people prefer to live near friends or even strangers who can provide company and community during the evenings and weekends.

Additional Income

ADUs are also a fantastic method to earn extra money without having to squeeze in another job or side hustle into your already packed schedule. When you create an ADU, you’re both investing in and creating the potential for an investment property in your own backyard.

You can make a little extra money each month by renting out an ADU to a young couple or a single person. You might also rent out your main home and keep the ADU for a more manageable living space of your own, potentially increasing the amount of money coming in each month.

Increased Property Value

An ADU is a new addition to an existing home, so constructing one will almost certainly raise the value of your property. The precise amount varies depending on the size of the ADU, the features it includes, and, of course, your home’s location. According to our investigation, you may expect a 25% boost in average. This amount will vary based on neighborhood, but you will see an increase.

If you’re like many homeowners who are thinking about selling in the near future, building an ADU is a smart move to start working towards making your home more attractive to potential buyers. Making updates and upgrades often improves the value of your property so it’s something worth considering if home improvements are on your to-do list.