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An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a secondary unit on the same property as an existing, single-family home. They are also known as granny flats or in-law apartments. These types of units can be used for various reasons, so it is important to know what they are all about before you decide whether they will work for your situation. As an ADU contractor in Orange County we are here to help.

An ADU is located on the same property so it is designed to serve mainly as an additional living space for family members or friends. The owner of the main residence must live in one of the dwellings and rent out the other to help pay off their mortgage since renting out both interferes with any loan covenants that may restrict homeowners from a business on their premises.

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ADUs are perfect for young families who want more space, older couples whose children have moved out, or people who have had their family grow with a new addition. You want an ADU? You got it! Our team will help you build your accessory dwelling unit for the budget that fits in with what’s best for you. We specialize in getting city approval and building plans through Orange County, so don’t hesitate to contact us today if this is something of interest at all.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Contractor Orange County

ADU Contractor Orange County Information

You deserve the best ADU builder without any headaches. Hire a contractor that knows all of Orange County’s new building codes, and can help you get started on your project today! Building an ADU in this area are now 100% legal thanks to updated code regulations; we at Coastal Builders take pride in our ability not only understand these complex laws but exceeding expectations for customer service excellence as well because after-all isn’t what really matters – its how happy people feel when they’re done working with us? Coastal Builders is the top candidate to get your ADU built correctly. We will have no problem getting our plans approved and we can save you time, energy & headaches!

Our Easy & Simple Process: You call us, we set a time to meet, we give you a quote.

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Coastal Builders is the best ADU contractor in Orange County because we give you our experience, honesty and time. We focus on you! Once we have met to see your location then provide an estimate that just awaits for an acceptance call from ourselves before beginning construction with designs so as to show what will be final outcome without surprises, which makes anyone feel more confident about their purchase decision beforehand.

We know that building an ADU can be a traumatic experience. You’re probably wondering how we make it so easy and stress-free when you have to go through the whole process yourself, but don’t worry – Coastal Builders has your back! We are available from start until finish of construction in order to answer any questions or concerns during this time. Once everything has been completed beautifully by our licensed contractors (which happens after they stay in touch with homeowners throughout), then comes finalizing paperwork before handing over keys on site.