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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Information For Newport Beach, CA

An ADU or Accessory Dwelling Unit is a smaller building that can be used by an individual or family on property they own to provide housing for themselves, their aging parents, or sometimes even a rental income from a third party. Newport Beach offers many benefits for developing an ADU on property that you own, especially for Newport Beach residents who are looking to build their home equity. Here at Coastal Builders we specialized Newport Beach ADU builder. Newport Beach is known as one of the wealthiest regions in all of California and has the highest median incomes in the state.

Newport Beach is a city that was founded in 1891. The Newport Beach metropolitan area has a population of over 100,000 people. Newport Beach is located in Orange County, California. Newport Beach also has the Pacific Ocean to its West and South, Newport Bay to its North, Costa Mesa to its Northeast, Newport Coast to its Southeast, and Irvine to the Southwest. Newport Beach is the 20th most populous city in California and 4th most populous in Orange County according to 2010 census data. Newport Beach is also one of the 50 cities that make up what is known as “America’s Best Places”.

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Benefits of Building With A Newport Beach ADU Builder

What Are The Benefits of Building An ADU?

Newport Beach offers a lot of benefits for those who choose to build an ADU. Newport Beach is located right on the ocean which offers amazing views both day and night. Newport Beach also has many different modern neighborhoods that house an array of architecture and styles. Newport Beach is a city with plenty of cultures, including access to world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment. Newport also has beautiful beaches that will allow you to take long walks or enjoy surfing in the waves.

The resources for Newport’s residents are plentiful and we can offer you top-quality healthcare, education, and employment. Newport Beach is home to over 100,000 people and allows easy access to both Newport Coast and Irvine which offer even more amenities such as shopping centers, business centers, and sports. Newport Beach is a great city to live in and Newport Beach ADUs offer a great way for those who wish to live there to do so. Newport Beach ADUs help Newport Beach’s housing market by increasing the number of available homes to Newport residents. Newport Beach is a great place for families and Newport Beach ADUs are a great way for Newport residents to bring their family home without sacrificing space.

ADU’s built-in Newport Beach offers several benefits over traditional single-family homes. They include smaller build times, fewer materials used, and Newport Beach ADU’s can be built on smaller lots. Newport Beach apartment buildings are a smart option for those who live in Newport Beach because they can achieve homeownership without losing their global opportunities. Newport Beach ADU’s offer less time spent on renovations and Newport Beach ADUs offer more efficient space usage. Newport Beach ADUs are a great way to make Newport Beach your own personal dream home.

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How To Get Started With an Newport Beach ADU Builder

Steps To Get Started With A Newport Beach ADU Builder?

If you’re just getting started building an ADU in Newport Beach, CA, Coastal Builders can provide a variety of services for your needs. We are a Newport Beach ADU Builder that has a long history of working with Newport Beach residents to build their ADUs. We have extensive knowledge of Newport Beach coastal construction and have been involved in the planning and regulation process since the law was passed. Coastal Builders Newport Beach ADU Builder also provides all the materials you will need to start building your Newport Beach ADU.

What type of Newport Beach ADU Should you build?

Basement, Garage Conversions, attached ADU, and detached ADU

In Newport Beach, the most popular types of accessory dwelling units are granny flats and cottages. A granny flat is a smaller habitable space located on a lot that has an existing single-family home. Newport Beach Cottages are a more common type of housing in Newport Beach that can be found in neighborhoods throughout Newport Beach. Newport Beach cottages have the same requirement as Newport Beach granny flats but have a living area not exceeding 400 square feet.

Newport Beach ADUs are required to have separate heating and electrical systems. Newport Beach cottages can be built on lots that are not less than 5,000 square feet in size, fronting a public street at least 40 feet wide. Newport Beach granny flats need to meet Newport Beach zoning rules for lot occupancy but do not need off-street parking spaces. Newport Beach granny flats can be built on lots that are not less than 7,500 square feet in size and at least 65 feet wide fronting a public street.

Newport Beach also has rules about the height of Newport Beach ADUs. Newport Beach cottages cannot be taller than the surrounding residences or 12 feet from finished grade to the roof ridge. Newport Beach granny flats cannot be taller than 9 feet from the finished grade to the roof ridge.

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Newport Beach ADU builders like Coastal Builders are experts in the ADU accessory dwelling unit process. We offer a variety of ADUs that can be used as guest homes, mother-in-law quarters, or even small second houses on your property to generate rental income. For those looking for an ADU builder who is committed to providing green and sustainable buildings, we also specialize in Passive House certified ADUs constructed with renewable materials such as bamboo floors and solar panels.

Our team will work closely with you from start to finish – crafting plans based on your needs and desires; building them efficiently, and making sure every detail meets your high standards so you get exactly what you want at affordable prices!  For more information about our Newport Beach ADUS, ADU plans, or ADU builder call Coastal Builders today!