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An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a technical term used by builders and architects to describe secondary living spaces located adjacent to homes. In some cases, an ADU might be attached such as in the case of garages or basements which are often built on the property with more than one house on it. As an Orange County ADU builder, we are here to help!

Other times they’re detached from main structures like small apartments found within single-family houses that share space but have their own entranceway offsite rather than coming into contact directly upon arrival at your front door. Although, this latter type does not offer quite so many benefits!

An ADU is not a temporary structure. It’s much more than that! An Addition Dwelling Unit can be thought of as an investment in terms since it requires some planning and consideration before construction begins on your new space addition.It won’t just magically appear one day when you’re ready for company or need extra room-though these things are often done too without permission from local city ordinances.

For some, ADUs are a way to make ends meet or pay off expensive mortgages. For others, it is an investment that will increase property values and provide more living space if they ever want kids, not just for now but also in the future!

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Benefits of Building an Orange County ADU Builder

What Are The Benefits of Building An ADU?

One of the major benefits of building an ADU is that it increases revenue for builders. In Orange County, where Coastal Builders is located, ADU’s have been increasing pretty rapidly over the last few years. This is because they can be rented out so it’s not just a cost to the homeowner, but provides a potential income stream as well.

Another benefit to ADU’s is that they can also provide you with a place to live in the existing home that is just too big for you. This is especially important in the OC where homes are very expensive and often there isn’t any spare room in the house after a family moves in. But, ADU’s help to solve this problem by giving them a little extra space for a bedroom or two.

There are also benefits for renters as well. One of these is that ADU’s can be built more quickly than regular-sized homes, while still providing all the comforts of home including full bathroom and kitchen facilities. In fact, ADU’s usually take about half as long to build because they don’t have foundations other than slab on grade.

An ADU is one of the most cost-efficient ways to increase the housing supply. The ADU dwelling unit can be built within a person’s primary residence, on the same lot as the primary residence, or in a separate building on the property to provide an “in-law” suite.

ADUs are popular for many reasons. First, they are cost-effective. They can be constructed to meet current codes and standards at a lower cost than typical subdivision homes. Second, they make efficient use of existing resources like land and buildings. Third, homeowners often enjoy the benefits of extra income from renting out their ADU units. Finally, many people view ADUs as an affordable first step towards building equity by enabling homeowners to gradually accumulate capital and assets.

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What type of Orange County ADU Should you build?

Basement, Garage Conversions, attached ADU, and detached ADU

A great place to start is by figuring out what type of ADU you want. Do you want to have a living space with one or more bedrooms? Would you rather have an ADU that’s mainly used as a guest suite for visitors, but also provides storage space? Maybe you’re looking for an ADU for your aging relatives? The Coastal Builders are experts on adu design in Orange County, which can help you choose the right adu that suits your needs.

The Coastal Builders provide clients with some adu design tips on how to make the most of limited square footage. One idea is to use the main living area as a bedroom and perform work or entertaining tasks in an adu office or den. You might also want to consider adu design ideas for the kitchen like installing a portable island or adu bar stools.

The Coastal Builders ensure their adu designs are efficient and make good use of space, which is crucial after considering adu construction costs. The cost of Orange County ADU builders can vary depending on size, design features, and other factors like the adu’s locale within the community. The professionals at Coastal Builder will work with you to determine an adu budget that works for your project before they start designing your ADU.

When looking to build an ADU check out these 3 things: adu contractor Orange County, adu design ideas, adu construction costs. When it comes to building an ADU, the adu contractor Orange County professionals at Coastal Builders can help. They’re adu design ideas pros and they put their adu construction cost experience to work for clients looking for an Orange County ADU Builder!

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In this article we have discussed some of the benefits of adding an adu in Orange County as well as how you can get started with your project today.An adu, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, is a great way to add additional living space without making any changes to the original home. The adu can be more affordable than buying and building an entirely new house because it’s built on what is already there!

ADUs are a great way to create additional income and increase your housing options. If you’re interested in building an adu, Coastal Builders is the right team for you! We specialize in adu construction and can help with everything from site selection to permitting to design. With over 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge necessary to deliver quality workmanship that exceeds all expectations.

We hope that these tips will help you find just the right type of adu for your needs so please contact Coastal Builders if you have questions about our products or would like more information on how we might be able to work together. To learn more about our process or schedule a consultation, please give us a call today.