Picking the Right ADU Builder: 5 Tips You Need to Follow

Picking the right ADU builder

Excited to add a detached structure to your property for tenants or caregivers?

Picking the right ADU builder is critical. Specialized ADU builders in Orange County can navigate laws and requirements while building a structure that stands true against industry standards.

We’ve rounded up the top five tips for choosing the best ADU contractor for your construction project.

Tips You Should Follow When Picking the Right ADU Builder

1.    Look for an Expert Who Offers Design and Construction Solutions

Not all companies have experience in design as well as construction. Moreover, most professionals don’t usually work with smaller dwellings.

Choosing a professional who can provide creative design solutions while taking care of construction specifics is the key to avoid extra expenses and complexity. Make sure you work with an ADU builder who takes pride in designing and executing the project to save you time, money, and efforts down the line.

2.    Take Note of Licenses, Insurance, and Experience

If you want your project to be completed seamlessly and accurately, you must work with a licensed ADU contractor. While an unlicensed expert may do a good job, you can’t risk paying a large lump sum and having them never return to the job site.

You must inquire about a company’s insurance, license, and experience before you hire them. A fully insured, licensed, and bonded contractor will ensure much-needed peace of mind and put all the hard work on auto-pilot for you.

3.    Inquire about the Permits and Fees

One of the most important things you should do before hiring an ADU builder in Orange County is asking if they’ll file for permits. If yes, find out who’ll be taking care of its fees.

For added convenience, you should work with a contractor experienced in dealing with the city’s regulations, scheduling inspections, and obtaining permits. This will help you avoid unnecessary delays and processing issues.

4.    Make Sure They Offer Custom-Tailored Solutions

Your ADU contractor must work according to your unique needs, requirements, and preferences. You’d want something that matches your current property. The right ADU builder will value engineer the design and share upfront cost estimates before committing to your project.

5.    Don’t Fall into the Trap of “Free Estimates”

A free estimate for an ADU project sounds tempting, but more often than not, companies don’t consider all the details before providing the quote.

You need more than just a big-picture guess before you hire a contractor for building an ADU. The best experts will show you the actual budgets from your neighborhood projects. Next, they’ll do a design proposal or construction bid to give you a near-accurate idea of what your project may cost (including permit fees).

This will give you a good plan to move forward, whether you decide to hire the company or not. Hence, you must always prefer a design proposal over a free estimate.

We hope you now know the value of thoroughly screening and vetting different experts before picking the right ADU builder in Orange County.

ADU experts at Coastal Builders tick all these boxes and more! They’ll help you build the structure of your dreams within your budget to ensure you get more out of your existing property. Let’s discuss what you have in mind!